Finding The right Toy For Myself.

Buying sex toys is not easy. Before I joined London escorts, I had never bought a sex toy. However, I had not been with charlotte London escorts for very long when I realised I was going to be some what relationship challenged as I like to call it. If you want to make it big as an escort in London, combining your career with a relationship is next to impossible.

Needless to say, I did not want to end up being frustrated. It soon became obvious that many of the other London escorts that I worked with in west London, were solo players. One of the girls even talked about her sex toys like they were her best friends. At that time, I did not own any sex toys at all and decided I would ask my fellow charlotte London escorts for some advice when it came to investing in sex toys.

Well, one thing quickly lead to another, and before I knew it, I had invested in my first sex toy. But, buying my first sex toy was not the only thing that I did. As I went sex toy shopping, I caught on to the fact that I was not the only girl who was confused about sex toys. Sure, I had learned a lot from my charlotte London escorts friends, but there is more to sex toys than you can imagine. So, I decided that I would set up my own sex toy blog and keep it up to date when I was not at London escorts.

On my sex toy blog, I don’t talk about charlotte London escorts at all. My blog is about sex toys and that is it. I give both novice and experienced sex toy buyers advice on buying the right sex toy for them. Buying sex toys is not only about buying the toy itself. It is about so much more than that. On top of handing out advice on sex toys, I also hand out and share female masturbation advice to ladies.

Are ladies still shy about masturbation and sex toys? I think that some ladies are still not as open-minded as London escorts. Most of the charlotte London escorts that I work with are happy to talk about sex toys and their benefits. As so many ladies are now solo players, I think that it is a sign of the time. Surprisingly, it is still hard to find good advice when it comes to sex toys. I am open and honest about the information that I share, and I do hope that it is making a difference to women’s lives and the way they look at sex toys.

So, what is the right sex toy for you? The best thing you can do, is to start with the basics and work your way. Don’t stick to one sex toys. Playing with sex toys is a bit like exercising, you need to challenge yourself and your body all of the time.

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