A great time together

I did not think very hard before I left Cheap London escorts to live with Paul. He was the nicest gentlemen that I had ever met during my charlotte escorts career, and I could not resist him. Sure, he was 55 years old and I was 27 years old, but I did not think about that at all. Paul was actually a lot more active than many men half his age, and we had a lot of fun together. When he asked me to come and live with him, I was over the moon and rented out my flat to another Cheap London escort of https://londonxcity.com/escorts/cheap-london-escorts/.


For the first couple of months, Paul and I had a great time together. He took time off from his company, and we traveled. When I had worked for Cheap London escorts, I did not really have a lot of time away. All of our holidays became a special experience, and like I said to my charlotte escorts friends, it was a bit like living a jet set lifestyle. However, after about six months together, Paul started to cough a lot and it worried me.


We had just been out to dinner with some of my former colleagues from charlotte escorts, when Paul looked really grey and ashen. He had eaten his meal okay, but one of the girls from the Cheap London escorts service I had worked for, noticed that Paul was rubbing his chest a lot. She asked him if he had indigestion but he said that he thought that he had pulled a muscle playing golf the day before. His health always worried me as he was rather a heavy smoker.


That night, as I kissed my Cheap London escorts girl’s goodnight, I did notice that Paul was anxious to get home. When we got into the cab, he said that his left arm was now also hurting. The cab driver looked at us anxiously and suggested that we head for the nearest hospital. He said that Paul could be experiencing a heart attack. It was exactly what I thought as well, and we went to hospital to get things checked out. About half an hour later, the doctors at the hospital told Paul he was having a heart attack.


The next ten days were rather anxious, and if it was not for my Cheap London escorts friends, I am not sure how I would have managed. Paul ended up having a triple bypass and was told to stop smoking immediately. He did and after a couple of months he started to recover. The only thing that I was worried about was our sex life. I thought that having an orgasm would be too much for his heart, and I found it hard to let go during sex. But I soon learned that my man had a strong heart, and I cannot believe that at the age of 57, he is talking about starting a family. His specialist says that he is fitter than ever, and a family would do him good.

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