I didn’t expect to go further beyond my life now

We all know how marriage is so exciting, and most of us are waiting on that event. Most of us are ready to phase our next chapter and a new journey to take. Love is a beautiful feeling; it gives people the ability to become brave in facing their life. When we are in love, we are just more than motivated in making our life to be better. We struggle hard to have a good future and do the best as we can to make our life abundant. Love inspires us that we are willing to take any risks just for the sake of our love. We are ready to change for them and give the life they deserve. When we are in love, everything seems perfect and possible. Everything goes into the right place; it is just like perfect timing. Sometimes it feels like the world is against us but it’s okay as long as we have someone at our side. Someone to help us go through our lives. When we are in love, we are willing to do more as our love pushes as to the extent. They give us the power not to surrender life and go on with it. According to London escorts.


All my life I always dream to have a beautiful and happy family because I never experienced it. It is sad when you grow up with a broken family, chaos and no harmony. My dad and mom broke up years ago; I was just a little kid, I still pass the times that we altogether loved each other, they were so sweet and lovely before. Dad was a good provider while mom is our comfort. We are a perfect family but dad cheated mom, and so mom decided to get divorced. She is so depressed, and I was so devastated, years passed she marry again and saddened me so much because they have their world. I just continue and focus my studies. I have promised myself that if I save money, I moved out of the house and lived my own life. After college, I work in London since got a job opportunity there. I am so glad that I leave them and rent a room here in London. I met Jessica, and she is so gorgeous. I fell in love with her, and I pursued her. We have a smooth relationship together. She helps me in my life and gives positivity to it. She is the star of my life that shines in my darkest moments. After six years of relationship, I had saved enough money and decided to propose to a London Escorts.

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