Sex During Pregnancy

Many couples find the idea of sex during pregnancy a little scary. But, the truth of the matter is that sex is considered safe during all stages of a healthy pregnancy. The only situation when sex should be avoided is during high-risk pregnancies. Couples should make sure to follow their doctor’s recommendations for sexual activity based on their specific situation. But sex during pregnancy can be great when the proper precautions are taken.

Positions for safe pregnancy sex

During the first trimester sex can proceed as normal until the growth of the belly begins to get in the way. This may be at the end of the first trimester, but possibly not until some ways into the second.

When the second trimester comes around it is important to switch things up for comfort as well as safety. As your partner’s belly expands through the second and third trimester it is important to make accommodations for the growth. It is important to remember that your partner cannot lie on her back after the first trimester. The growing uterus rests on a large vein when a woman lies on her back, which is dangerous to her and to the baby.

This is a great position because it keeps your weight off of your partner’s growing belly. It also is a great choice because your partner may be very tired and this position allows her to relax while enjoying sex.

Doggy Style
This is another great position that avoids pressure on your partner’s growing belly while allowing you both to enjoy sex.

This position allows your partner to control the rhythm as well as the penetration so that she is comfortable during sex. However, some women may be self-conscious about their belly in this position, so make sure that you try to do your best to make her feel sexy and beautiful.

And if your partner is just not up for having sex, or is not allowed to by doctor’s orders there are other options. If you are an open and adventurous couple then you could always try hiring an escort from https://londonxcity/escorts to take care of you while your partner cannot. This way you can have your needs met and your partner know that there are no strings attached. But make sure that you do not neglect the needs of your partner even if she isn’t allowed to have actual sexual penetration.

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